Multi-scale Bio-medical  Robotics

We have focused on development of

various Multi-scale ( micro /nano /macro scale ) 

Biomedical Robots & related technologies. 

MBR News

​정자 꼬리에 붙어 난자 상봉 돋는 '스펌봇' 등장 [Read]


​암 치료용 면역세포 기반 마이크로 로봇 개발 [Read]


2017,04,26 - 16:30

Room 236 E7, DGIST

 A Vision Guided Robotic System for Bone Drilling Based on Rolling Frictions

Seong-bo Shim, Ph.D. Candidate

(DGIST Robotics Engineering)


2017,04,26 - 16:30

Room 236 E7, DGIST

 A MEMS-based biomimetic artificial basilar membrane for next generation cochlear implant 

Jongmoon Jang, Ph.D. Candidate

(DGIST Robotics Engineering)

Single Port Neurosurgery Robot

Drug delivery

Magnetically Robot

Space Robot

Hybrid Actuate

Nano Robot

Couch Robot

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